BOTANIQA - LOVE ME LONG - Cupuaçu & Shea Easy-Brush Spray for Long-Haired Dogs - 250ml

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Love Me Long Spray is a no-rinse conditioner with antistatic and moisturizing effects. It also helps to remove tangles, mats and knots from your dog’s coat. Enriched with cupuaçu & shea extracts to make the coat more manageable. It prevents moisture loss, tangles and leaves a long lasting scent. Love Me Long spray can be used both on wet and dry coats. It is suitable for all types of coats and pets. Parabens, Alcohol, Colorants & Sylicones FREE! 

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Regular grooming of long haired dogs. The formula was specially formulated to be suitable for Yorkshire Terriers, Afghan Hound, Shih tzu and dogs with similar coat structure.

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